Thursday, July 05, 2007

September 14th

I just registered for the PANCE!!!

That's the Physician Assistant National Certification Exam.

The cost: $425.00

The date: September 14, 2007

I chose September 14th for a couple of reasons. My birthday is Sept 20th and I want to be done with this experience before I turn 31! Graduation is Sept 18th and I want to enjoy that day. Finally, #4 is my favorite I picked the 14th (the 4th is just way too soon!)!!!

It all seems surreal at this moment. I kind of wish I could just take the damn exam tomorrow and finally move on with my life. But...I'm not allowed to do that!

The last few months have been very trying. I've worked more hours than I've ever worked before...and the fact that I'm working for free is a true testament for my love of medicine. I do enjoy myself, but at this point...I'm ready to GET PAID!

I'm also ready for a much needed VACATION!!

6 more weeks, my friends.

6 more weeks!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

7 Weeks

I have two more days left of this rotation...rotation #8. I am off 4th of July and take exams Thursday and Friday. I start my FINAL rotation next Monday. It is my "selective elective" rotation.

I chose Infectious Disease.

I've been at a Primary Care office for the last 5 weeks. This was my second experience in primary care and the office is only 15 minutes away from home. I am very comfortable in the primary care setting. My last primary care rotation was back in October...I've learned SOOO MUCH since then. I like primary care because I like getting to know my patients and getting to focus on preventative medicine.

I'm enjoying this rotation mostly because I trust the Doctor that I'm working with. I like the way he practices medicine. I'd like him to be my doctor and I'd trust my family members in his care. THAT IS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU'VE FOUND A GOOD DOC!

Unfortunately, he is not hiring at the moment. He told me, "I'd hire you in a second, kid."

I've had job "offers" throughout the last year. I've had docs tell me to contact them once I graduate. But, none of the jobs have really interested me.

The #1 question I'm being asked is..."WHAT'S NEXT?"

I am very simple. I want to work in a supportive environment with Docs and PAs that I trust, respect, and admire. The only area of medicine I definitely am NOT interested in is OB/GYN. I've done enough pap smears to last me a lifetime. God bless those that are chosen for that field. That is not my calling!

Many people question my interest in Infectious Disease. I have realized that I have a hankering for oddball facts and for the unknown. I have an easier time wrapping my brain around things that don't really make sense than for things that make complete, absolute sense. For example, the heart doesn't change. The anatomy (for the most part) does not change. So much research has been done on the heart, there are so many absolutes about the heart. Yet, everytime I get pimped on cardiology I second guess my answers. But ask me questions about bacteria or viruses and I'm on it. I'm interested.

This does not necessarily mean I want to be an ID specialist. I'm just fascinated by the field and every ID doc I've met has been brilliant. I like hanging around people smarter than me. I like being around people that challenge me.

My last rotation brings me back into the hospital environment. I enjoy the hospital environment more than the office environment. If I work in an office straight out of school, it's going to have to be a GREAT environment. I get claustrophobic pretty easily. I am a girl that likes her space and I enjoy the chaotic environment of a hospital. I like the diversity and the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis.

But working in a hospital is a lot more stressful for the same reasons!

7 more weeks. 6 more school exams. 1 board exam review course.

Then I take the boards...rather, then I PASS THE BOARDS!

And life begins anew...once again!